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  • Access to affordable and quality healthcare

 Now is the time to fix the major gaps and issues of Medicaid, VA, Workman's Comp,Disability, Community Health, Indian Health Services, Medicare. There's too many fragmented components to the American Medical System which do not communicate/coordinate well. Medical Services need to be working together and not in competition with one another, causing redundancies in number of tests. The Community Health System knocks down costs because it's owned and operated by the patients. We need to focus on reevaluating our work-based insurance coverage in Montana and come up with solutions on how to best provide for others that may have been laid off/other unforeseen events. Healthcare is not just for the wealthy as its a public issue.

  • Public lands, conservation, climate change, & sustainable energy

 Time to get serious on sustaining alternative and renewable energy sources. Keep public lands public and utilize tools of conservation to promote a healthy environment. Wild places should be managed with the interests of hunters, hikers, and fishermen in mind. More public access through already private units need to be created and maintained. Bring back the sections 16's and 36's to help fund public schools on State Lands through timber harvesting thus generating revenue. 

We must reduce our reliance on fossil fuels through a combination of energy conservation, energy efficiency, and the development of clean, renewable energy sources. Technology for alternative energy has advanced driving down costs on current methods used. Increase tax credits to those that support small scale renewable energy installations. Montana has an abundance of clean renewable resources and this should be utilized. 

  • Access to affordable housing

Ensuring tools for local governments to serve their respective communities with affordable housing. One of the basic necessities is a roof over you and your family's head. More than ever we need to ensure that our community can live, prosper, and thrive. Adding pressure to developers in providing more units where someone is making minimum wage can afford rent. No Montanan should worry about becoming homeless.

  • Increasing access & funding to mental health services

The research from shows that Montana once again has the nation’s highest suicide rate. The statewide suicide rate was 29.8 suicides per 100,000 people. This is absolutely unacceptable and increase in funding successful programs is a must.

  • Small business & sourcing local

  • Critical services for seniors, veterans & individuals with disabilities

  • Investments in early childhood education, public education & higher education

  • Civil rights & racial/socio-economic justice

  • Increasing wages to make a living

  • Investment in infrastructure, safety, & job creation

Help me form my platform.

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